About Robert

Hi i ride with Andy on a regular basis. We both share the same passion for mountain Biking. From endurance cross country to trail riding I love it. I love that feeling of nailing a trail or completing a long distance ride, standing back and thinking "i just completed that along with some of the best mates you could imagine". I also enjoy Traction kiting when I get the chance any form of extreme sport I’ll give a go.

Mountain Biking, the attraction, the draw, the obsession

I have always had a bike and always used it as a mode of transport from getting to school and later college, to meeting up with friends. I have always enjoyed riding my bike but never saw myself as “a mountain biker” until more recently. Here is a brief history of how i got into riding.

The story begins a few years ago… I was fit and athletic when I fell seriously ill, was put on medication and spent some time in hospital, my fitness level fell and I became overweight. this went on for about two years. When I eventually came off my medication I was overweight and feeling mentally, as well as physically, low. This is when I got the old bike out and started occasionally riding to work again. This is when I met Andy. Talking about riding got me into the saddle more and I decided to change the forks on my bike from a pair of rubbishy “zoom” forks to a pair of Manitou’s with a little control over rebound and preload which I picked up cheap off eBay. We decided to go out on a ride to Coldharbour and ended up sessioning summer lightning. This was my first experience of trail riding on my rickety old cheap bike with these second hand forks which I was grateful for. That was it for me I was hooked. Andy convinced me to change my bike after this after a thought and some saving I decided to go for it. I got myself a wonderful new Specialized Hardrock. I decided to go for the bog standard cheapest bike as I intended to change a few things. First to go were the forks straight on with a pair of Marzocchi 33’s and the brakes with a pair of Avid Elixir 5’s with 185mm rotors. The riding went on and Andy managed to convince me to do an Evans ride it. My longest ride so far. I completed this with difficulty but managed around 17 miles through some of the deepest, worst mud I have ever encountered. This is when I discovered the need for regular maintenance. The time out of the saddle maintaining the bike is as important as the riding itself, a little time to wind down after a long ride. The riding continues, the obsession begins….



Hi I’m Robert,
I do a lot of rides with Andy and will also be reviewing the same rides, as more of a novice rider I should be able to give a slightly different angle on such events. Also I will be reviewing various kit I have used and tried and comments on how they perform. I will also be writing about my pride and joy; my fully customized Specialized Hardrock (photos to follow), What components i have changed and how they affect the ride.