About Andy

Hi, my name is Andy and I am a mountain biker. I am passionate about mountain biking and other outdoor pursuits. I've been riding for as long as I can remember I have always had an underlying interest in bikes. Over the last couple of years I have been able to embrace mountain biking as a bit more than a hobby.

Hi I’m Andy

Hello I’m Andy, and Ive been riding for as long as I can remember!

It started a long time ago perhaps when I was 11 I had my 5 speed 20″ mountain bike which I got for Christmas I think that was the defining moment and start of my riding obsession. Since then I dabbled in recreactional riding for a long time, I used to ride BMX at a local skate park before I had realised the potential of mountain biking. I have now fully embraced mountain biking as being my full time hobby, I want to progress further into the freedom that mountain biking has always given me. The highlight of my riding carrer has to be riding in New Zealand The scenery was immense, the lifestyle unbeatable, It was so amazing I’ve decided to go back next year!


Andy’s Bike history.

Hi guys,

I thought I give you an insight into what I have been riding on the trails over the years. From clunky gears, buckled wheels and bent frames to current love affair.

Above :My Specialized Hardrock pro 2008 Almost unmodded apart from upgraded brakes, forks and medium cage rear mech. I was more interested in jumping than XC riding Eventually this bike became a single speed jump bike. Below a year later I had grown up built a proper jump bike and spent some money making my hardrock into an XC bike again. SLX brakes, XT floating rotors, SLX shifters XT mechs cassette and Chain. Fox f32 Terralogic forks and of course the legendary red walled Fire xc tyres.

The Pinnacle Camino no.47 out of 100 hope pro2 gunsmoke wheelset Saint cranks Dj3 forks Pretty Sweet bike but a tad too long.

Below: by far the Worst bike I have ever owned Kona Cowan with 160mm Marzocchi 55 forks Hope wheel set Saint rear mech and the worst Chain device ever. Heavy slow crap link and useless at all types of riding.

The Demo a Savage of a machine but absolutely useless in the South East Junior T forks fox dhx 5.0 Hope tech v2 203 Hope tech x2 203 Hope wheel set saint cranks saint gears another crap chain device a beautiful Thompson stem.

Below: Much loved the trusty caldera indestructible and a pleasure to ride most importantly single speed. This bike did start life as a normal XC bike but unfortunately it has never been loved by my wallet. This bike has rarely seen any upgrade that hasn’t come out of a bin.

The most recent addition to my long history of bikes and the most expensive bike I have ever bought My brand spanking new Trek Remedy 7 2011 more to come on this bad boy Write up to come soon keep an eye out!

Introducing Mud Dust and Dirt!

Hey guys,

This is my brand new blog completely dedicated to Mountain bike riding. From Casual XC rides to ripping down mountains in countries far from the miserable South east of England we will be writing about anything mountain bike related.

In the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing my brand new Trek Remedy 7 2011 I have been meaning to write-up about it for while now. Also to be expected short write ups about the riding and events I have got coming up in the next couple of weeks. I will also be offering any advice on bikes components and clothing and reviewing if I get any requests. This is an open blog so if you have anything to say let me know and we can get you set up as a writer.

To come…

  • Trek Remedy 7 2011 write-up
  • Evans Cycles Ride it event Gatwick With Rob
  • Evans Cycles Ride it event Dorking with Rob
  • Monday night is night ride night with Rob
  • Single speed ideologies of a bigot